The Simplepush API uses your Simplepush key to authenticate requests. You get a random six-digit key after opening the Simplepush app for the first time. There is no registration process which means that you will get your key immediately after installing the app.

If you decide to purchase the subscription, you will be able to add multiple keys that identify your device. Those keys do not have to be random digits. Currently the only constraint is a minimum length of six digits.

You can also share keys between different devices. If a key is registered on multiple devices, push notifications sent to the key will be delivered to all devices that have the specific key in their list of keys.

Message API

Send an HTTPS request to with the following paramters:

  • key (required) - The key that identifies your device(s)
  • message (required) - The message for your notification
  • title (optional) - An optional title for your notification
  • event (optional) - An optional event which modifies the behavior of your notification

The following examples show how to use our API with curl (a command-line tool to make HTTP requests).

POST Request

For POST requests you can choose between encoding the parameters and using JSON.

~ $ curl --data 'key=HuxgBB&title=title&msg=message&event=event'

~ $ curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"key": "HuxgBB", "title": "title", "msg": "message", "event": "event"}'

GET Request

The first request only sends a message while the second one sends both a title and a message.

The third request shows how to define an event.

~ $ curl

~ $ curl

~ $ curl


Freemium users are limited to 100 notifications per month. After those 100 free notifications all following notifications will be dropped.

Currently iOS users won't be able to receive notifications that were sent while their device was turned off.