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The Ultimate Guide to Frigate NVR Notifications

Command Line Tools You Need to Know About

If you are like me, you love doing most of your work with the keyboard and avoid using a mouse/touchpad as much as possible. Doing most things on the command line and optimizing the experience of your terminal emulator is a logical consequence of this preference.

Actionable Notifications in Home Assistant with Node-RED

Send Actionable Notification Node-RED Flow

Actionable Notification with Callback in Python

Actionable Push Notifications for Node-RED

An actionable notification is a push notification with one or more action buttons. Selecting an action button usually has an immediate action associated with it. When sending an actionable notification from the Simplepush Node-RED node, the immediate result of selecting an action is that the node will forward the action name to its msg.payload output. This creates the potential to execute different subflows based on which action was selected by the user.