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Frigate Notifications with Simplepush

Warning: The blueprint for sending push notifications from Frigate NVR, which is linked in this article, is still in beta. It might not work perfectly in all situations.

Actionable Notifications in Home Assistant

Home Assistant is a popular open-source home automation platform that allows users to control and automate various devices and services in their home. One of the key features of Home Assistant is the ability to send actionable notifications to users’ devices when certain events or triggers occur. These notifications are not just informative but also allow users to take immediate actions from within the notification itself, without having to open the app or navigate through menus.

The Ultimate Guide to Frigate NVR Notifications

Command Line Tools You Need to Know About

If you are like me, you love doing most of your work with the keyboard and avoid using a mouse/touchpad as much as possible. Doing most things on the command line and optimizing the experience of your terminal emulator is a logical consequence of this preference.

Actionable Notifications in Home Assistant with Node-RED

Send Actionable Notification Node-RED Flow