Keys identify your device for the Simplepush API. After installing the app you will get one unique key that only you know about.
If you are a subscribed user you can add any key and therefore also share keys among different devices. An API request to a shared key will push the notification to all devices that currently use that key.


Use Events to customize the sound (Android & iOS) and vibration pattern (Android only) of incoming notifications.
On Android you can also disable notifications, use heads-up notifications or show a delete action button for your events.

End-to-End Encryption

On Android you can use end-to-end encryption by defining a password in the settings. Encrypted notifications are safe from eavesdropping by involved service providers like Google and Amazon. We use AES-CBC-128-bit for encryption.
Please take a look at our libraries and integrations if you want to send encrypted notifications.

Simple API

Sending a notification can be as simple as opening an URL in which you specify your Simplepush key, the message that you want to send and an optional title.

~ $ curl ''

~ $ curl --data 'key=HuxgBB&title=title&msg=message'

Simple Integration

  • Python
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Go
                                                    # pip install simplepush

													from simplepush import send, send_encrypted

													# Send notification
													send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event")

													# Send encrypted notification
													send_encrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event")
													// Add io.simplepush:notification:1.0.0 from jcenter to dependencies

													import io.simplepush.Notification;

													// Send notification
													Notification.send("HuxgBB", "title", "message");
													// Send encrypted notification
													Notification.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", "password", "salt");
													// npm i simplepush-notifications
													const simplepush = require('simplepush-notifications');

													// Send notification
													simplepush.send({key: 'HuxgBB', title: 'title', message: 'message', event: 'event'});

													// Send encrypted notification
													simplepush.send({key: 'HuxgBB', title: 'title', message: 'message', event: 'event', password: 'password', salt: 'salt'});

													// Check for errors
													var callback = function (error) {
													simplepush.send({key: 'HuxgBB', title: 'title', message: 'message', event: 'event'}, callback);
                                                    // php composer.phar require simplepush/simplepush-php

													// Send notification
													Simplepush::send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event");
													// Send encrypted notification
													Simplepush::send_encrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event");
                                                    // go get
													package main

													import ""

													func main() {
													  // Send notification
													  simplepush.Send(simplepush.Message{"HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", false, "", ""})
													  // Send encrypted notification
													  simplepush.Send(simplepush.Message{"HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", true, "password", "salt"})