Zapier integration


by Zapier

Use Zapier to receive Simplepush notifications from a variety of services and web apps.
Ntfy integration


by Daniel Schep

A utility for sending notifications, on demand and when commands finish.
Chrome extension

Chrome Extension

Official Simplepush Integration

Easily send push notifications from Chrome to your smartphone.
Home Assistant integration

Home Assistant

by Home Assistant

Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
Node-RED integration


by Node-RED

Low-code programming for event-driven applications.
PowerShell integration


by Victor Vogelpoel

Script to easily send push notifications from the Windows PowerShell

Library Support

Learn more about library support for Simplepush on our Github page.

  • Python 3
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Go
  • ESP8266 (Arduino)
            	    	                                    # pip install simplepush

															from simplepush import send, send_encrypted

															# Send notification
															send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event")

															# Send encrypted notification
															send_encrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event")
															// Add io.simplepush:notification:1.0.0 from jcenter to dependencies

															import io.simplepush.Notification;

															// Send notification
															Notification.send("HuxgBB", "title", "message");
															// Send encrypted notification
															Notification.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", "password", "salt");
															// npm i simplepush-notifications
															const simplepush = require('simplepush-notifications');

															// Send notification
															simplepush.send({key: 'HuxgBB', title: 'title', message: 'message', event: 'event'});

															// Send encrypted notification
															simplepush.send({key: 'HuxgBB', title: 'title', message: 'message', event: 'event', password: 'password', salt: 'salt'});

															// Check for errors
															var callback = function (error) {
															simplepush.send({key: 'HuxgBB', title: 'title', message: 'message', event: 'event'}, callback);
            	    	                                    // php composer.phar require simplepush/simplepush-php

															// Send notification
															Simplepush::send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event");
															// Send encrypted notification
															Simplepush::send_encrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event");
            	    	                                    // go get
															package main

															import ""

															func main() {
															  // Send notification
															  simplepush.Send(simplepush.Message{"HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", false, "", ""})
															  // Send encrypted notification
															  simplepush.Send(simplepush.Message{"HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", true, "password", "salt"})
            	    	                                #include <Simplepush.h>

														Simplepush simple;

														// Send unencrypted notification
														simple.send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event");
														simple.send("HuxgBB", "title", "no event", NULL);
														simple.send("HuxgBB", NULL, "no event and no title", NULL);

														// Send encrypted notification
														simple.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event");
														simple.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "no event", NULL);
														simple.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", NULL, "no event and no title", NULL);